4th Annual Rotunda Classic

High School Debate Tournament at the University of Virginia

November 7-8, 2014


This page will contain any information regarding lodging discounts, parking at UVa, and dining recommendations for the tournament. Updated 10/16/13





Please see our page on parking at UVa for maps, rates, and more information!


Dining and Concessions

The tournament will staff a snack and drink table where thirsty debaters may purchase water, sodas, snacks, and other consumables during the tournament

Charlottesville is notorious for its fantastic restaurants and eateries. Below are some of our favorite local restaurants, curated by the tournament staff that are suitable for large groups.

Located on the UVa Corner

Bodo’s Bagels: Local bagels in Charlottesville, this is a Charlottesville institution that is known for their inexpensive and high-quality bagels, sandwiches, and coffee. Recommended by the entire tournament staff.

Little John’s: New York-style deli with fantastic sandwiches.

Qdoba: Mexican food in the vein of Chipotle

Mellow Mushroom: Pizza at the end of the Corner. Large group seating may be hard to find after 6pm

Marco and Luca’s (on Elliewood Ave) – Another UVa classic, they serve pork dumplings, sesame seed noodles, soup, and veggie buns. Very inexpensive and delicious

Located on Route 29

Brixx Pizza, Bodo’s Bagels

Coffee Shops Around Grounds

Starbucks – available on the Corner

Greenberry’s – available in the Alderman Library Atrium and Clark Hall Atrium