4th Annual Rotunda Classic

High School Debate Tournament at the University of Virginia

November 7-8, 2014


If your school is staying near to Grounds, (the Cavalier Inn or Red Roof Inn, for example) – rounds will be within a 10 minute walk of your hotel. Please be aware of any parking restrictions the hotel may have.

Through traffic on McCormick Avenue is prohibited for all vehicles on Friday. Barriers will prevent you from entering and you will be forced to turn around!

Buses are prohibited at all timesĀ  on McCormick due to weight restrictions on the bridge.

The tournament will be centered around the buildings on Central Grounds and down McCormick. Our “Great Hall”/Assembly room will be in Maury Hall. The red location is Maury Hall, the orange location is the drop off site for buses/charter buses for Central Grounds Access.

Red is Maury Hall, Orange is the drop-off location for buses.

Red is Maury Hall, Orange is the drop-off location for buses.

If your vehicle will clear 6’8″, the Central Grounds parking garage is a pay-garage with pretty low rates on Friday and Saturday. This is located on Emmet Street, next to the University Bookstore.

The University does allow free parking for buses for high schools in the Cage – this is located near John Paul Johns Arena and is a 3-5 minute drive to Grounds. Drivers may drop off students at the drop off site and then park the bus. Here is an image of where the lot is located. If you use this option, make sure your bus/charter bus is clearly marked as a public school bus. Unmarked buses may mark their vehicles with a sign designating the high school county/city in the front window.

Buses/charter buses may park for free Friday and Saturday in the Cage.